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Lets get you selling on MOJO Marketplace!

First, be sure you have activated your Seller Storefront.

Click on 'Seller' on the left hand side about half way down.


Click the big green button that says 'Activate Storefront.'


Once your Seller Dashboard has been activated, click 'Seller' on the left hand side.

Click 'My Products' under 'Seller'

Once you are on this page, click the green button 'Add New Product.' 



Meta Info Page


FYI you will be able to jump back and forth on these pages in the uploader if you forget to add something. Click between Meta Info, Details, and Assets to do this. If you click back on your browser the information will be lost.

Under 'Type' click the drop down menu and select one of the categories.


Fill out all required fields and then click the 'Next Step' button on the lower right hand side.


Details Page


*Note - Adding images in your description helps our novice user base.

Directions on adding images to your description:

  1. The image has to be hosted, preferably on a SSL, but not required.
  2. Go the site where the image is hosted
  3. Highlight the image
  4. Right click Copy
  5. Go to the theme description and click Paste

The rest of this page is pretty self explanatory but be sure to fill out the feature fields at the bottom of the page. This is on of the first things customers see on front of site.

Once the green button lights up, click 'Next Step.'


Assets Page

Here you will be able to add images, files, documentation, screenshots, etc.



Here are some tips....

Make sure all your Images are the correct sizes.


Hero Image 1180px x 660px



Square Thumbnail 160px x 160px




Large Thumbnail 260px x 156px




Be sure to include the following in your documentation.

  • Help files
  • Screenshots
  • How to install
  • How to setup
  • Troubleshooting potential issues
  • Screenshot examples
  • It needs to adequately describe and walk a new user through installation and setup

Once you have uploaded all required info click 'Next Step' to view the Live Preview to see what your item will look like live on the site.

If you are happy with everything, click 'Submit' on the top right hand corner, click the boxes that apply and click 'Submit & Publish.'

Note: MOJO Marketplace only allows 5 items at a time in the review queue per Seller. 


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