I am having trouble uploading my items

The MOJO Marketplace development team has been hard at work trying to resolve upload problems which have affected a small percentage of users. We have made some major infrastructure changes that should improve the uploading experience for most sellers. Since making these changes many users who have previously experienced problems using the upload form have reported success. If however, you are still experiencing difficulties try following the simple steps below.

  1.  Confirm that you’re not behind a proxy, we recommend using this Proxy Test (it should return false for all tests) – our current uploading system doesn’t play well with transparent proxies.
  2. Turn off any antivirus software before uploading (as they often behave like proxies themselves, and interfere with the upload)
  3. If you're using a computer running Microsoft Windows, try using WinRar to archive your files as a .zip
  4. Try and upload again using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If you continue experiencing problems, you may contact the Help Team but we may not be able to assist you further than walking you through the steps listed here as we’re still unsure of what it is that causes these problems.

Our developers are currently looking at more ways to help users that experience problems uploading.

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