Item Support

Complex items like themes and plugins often require detailed documentation and comprehensive FAQs alongside the item as customers are more likely to need help with the features and functionality. There is no one better placed to provide that assistance than you, the seller who created the item!

Your support obligations

To avoid any confusion between you and your customers about your support obligations, our item support policy clearly outlines what is and what is not included.

As a seller of supported items, you must be available to:

  • Answer technical questions about features and functionality
  • Help with third party assets sold with the item (eg. bundled plugins)
  • Assist in fixing issues.

You are not required to install or customize your items or assist with hosting or third party software. As a minimum, all items (supported and unsupported) must work as described, be protected against major security concerns, and have version upgrades (at the Seller's discretion).

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