What is split licensing and the GPL?

MOJO Marketplace sellers sell a range of items including themes and plugins for open source platforms. These platforms include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and a number of others, most of which are licensed under the General Public License (GPL).

Themes and plugins sold on MOJO Marketplace are sold under a default split license. This means sellers can protect their rights and freedoms to respect (and comply with) the GPL as well as to control their own work.
What does GPL mean?

If you want to use something that is licensed under the GPL (whether as a buyer or a seller) then, to meet the terms of the GPL, the GPL license must also be included with the item when it’s distributed because those terms also govern any further use of the part of that item that's distributed under the GPL. For an seller, this means that when they upload their item, it should include a text file containing the GPL.

If a seller is releasing a theme or plugin for a platform that is licensed under the GPL, the PHP code and integrated HTML of the theme or plugin must be distributed under the GPL.

What about MOJO Marketplace license?

MOJO Marketplace license for themes or plugins sold on the MOJO Marketplace sites covers all the components of these items, except for the specific components covered by the GPL. This is why it’s called a split license: because different license terms can cover individual components that make up a single item.

The PHP component and integrated HTML are covered by the GPL. The rest of the components created by the seller (such as the CSS, images, graphics, design, photos, etc) are covered by the MOJO Marketplace license.

How does MOJO’s license protect sellers?

Owning copyright in an original work gives you the right to decide how that work is used. When a seller sells an item on MOJO Marketplace, they use that right to agree to use our licenses when they sell items to buyers. The licenses set out how a buyer can use the item and the restrictions on that use.

Our licenses also allow for specific components of an item, which inherit the GPL from the platform they’re built for, to be licensed under the GPL. Using this split license complies with the GPL requirements, while still providing protection of the seller's’ copyright on assets they’ve created.

Sellers of items made for GPL-based platforms can also choose to offer some individual items as 100% GPL. This applies only to WordPress themes and plugins currently.

What about other assets and other open source licenses?

Often an sellers will use other assets in their items that are created by a third-party, such as certain JavaScript libraries. These third-party assets most often come with their own licenses, and sellers must make sure they have appropriate rights and permissions to include them with their item.

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