Product Representation

When a buyer purchases your item they have a right to expect that:

  • The quality will be acceptable
  • The item is described accurately
  • Promises made by the author will be kept and honoured

Sellers on MOJO Marketplace are expected to be fair and truthful in what they say and do. All sellers should keep the community’s best interests at heart.

Everyone is open, straightforward, trustworthy and plays by the same rules. The information provided is clear, accurate and easy to understand.

There are consumer laws in many countries giving buyers protection, that the items quality will be acceptable and works as promised.

MOJO Marketplace sellers will base their buying decision on the information provided. If that information is not accurate, then not only is a buyer potentially mislead, other sellers may miss out on a potential sale. When a buyer asks a pre sales question, it’s important the information provided is clear, accurate and easy to understand. A buyer can then correctly determine if the item is suitable for their project.

If a buyer is mislead by the item information, they may be entitled to a refund.

Misleading a buyer may include the following:

  • Claiming the item has a feature or function that it does not have.
  • Advertising the item is supported, when it is not. 

Please Note: If you provide support, make it clear on what ‘Support’ actually means.


  • What is considered support and what is not considered as support.
  • What is the average response time to a support request.
  • I will assist with initial installation only.
  • I do not help with customization.
  • I will respond to all requests within 48 hours.

Please Ensure Your item(s)

  • Works as described and matches descriptions given on the item page
  • Includes ALL the features and functionality as advertised
  • Matches the demo or live preview.
  • Come with full title and ownership

Please Note: It’s your responsibility to ensure you follow any applicable consumer laws between the buyer and the item(s) you sell.

This includes all claims you make about the item(s). Those on the item page, on MOJO Marketplace and forums, on Social Media or any other platforms too.

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