Item Promotion Guidelines

We want our sellers to succeed as much as possible. We also want to ensure our entire community has a fair and level playing field in which to operate and that buyers have a clear and consistent experience.

Keep in mind that what you choose to do to promote your items outside MOJO Marketplace is your responsibility. We don’t endorse any promotional activities outside MOJO Marketplace nor do we allow use of MOJO logos or trademarks unless they are in line with our affiliate rules.

It’s not OK to:

  • Advertise or promote on either your MOJO item page(s), MOJO profile page, or your own website any additional incentives for the purchase of your item beyond its functionality.

Additional incentives include but are not limited to:

  • Discounts or sales
  • Rebates or gifts.
  • Bonus files such as free content or a lite version of the item.
  • Entry into contests or competitions.
  • Promises for future incentives or bonuses.
  • Promises of included installation and customization services.
  • Offers of support services that may confuse or contradict the MOJO Marketplace support offering, e.g., promoting a support service on your item page when you have chosen to not support your item.
  • Other tangible goods such as merchandise.

Why do we have these guidelines?

  • The aim of these guidelines is to create a fair market for all sellers and buyers and avoid a ‘race to the bottom’ where a seller attempts to undercut the competition by giving away additional freebies based on the purchase of an item.
  • We also want to ensure that buyers clearly understand what they are purchasing and aren’t confused by messages from sellers on or off site.

What happens if I break or ignore these guidelines?

  • We will contact you and give you an opportunity to correct the situation to avoid any potential disablement of your item(s) or worst-case scenario, your account.
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