How To Install Your WordPress Theme?

Lets Download Your WordPress Theme!


After purchasing your new WordPress theme, visit your MOJO Marketplace account and click log in next to the cart icon. Or if you got your theme elsewhere, make sure you download the files and save them to your desktop for the next step.

Once you login to your MOJO account, you can access your dashboard by clicking on your user icon. In the dashboard you can access your purchases as shown here.

how to find and install your MOJO Marketplace WordPress Theme

2. Click the download button to the right and choose main file. You’ll start downloading your theme .zip, which you’ll upload to WordPress in the next couple steps. You may also download the 'Help Files' from the theme Seller that will provide detailed documentation on how to install and modify the theme.

download your theme zip file

2. Log In to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard and Access the Theme Menu

Your theme file in hand, you’re ready to start this thing up!

Head to your WordPress admin dashboard by typing in your domain name with /wp-admin added to the end. For example: Just note that if you’re WordPress installation is located in a sub-folder (like, you’ll need to add /wp-admin to the end of that.

(Contact your hosting provider if you have trouble finding your WordPress admin page).

Once you’re there, login with the credentials you set up upon installing WordPress on your site. Here’s what to do if you can’t log in.

WordPress admin login page

Next, access the appearance tab from the left-hand sidebar in the dashboard. Choose themes and your dashboard will display all the themes installed on your site.

Note: just because a WordPress template is installed on your site doesn’t mean it’s active. For example, your installation of WordPress usually comes with a few free themes installed.

access the themes panel in WordPress to install a new theme

It’s super easy to swap out themes with WordPress, and you can do it all from this panel.

3. Upload Your Theme .zip to WordPress

Next, you’ll need to access the theme .zip file you downloaded from MOJO Marketplace. This should be located in your downloads folder.

Take note of where it’s located, click upload theme, choose file, locate the .zip and choose open as shown below.

upload your new wordpress theme through the themes panel in the wordpress dashboard

The file will upload and when it’s done you can click install. This won’t activate the theme on your site yet, it just installs the files and makes the theme available for your WordPress site.

install theme on WordPress site

Wait until you see “theme installed successfully” displayed above the links. If you run into trouble, please contact our support team and we’ll help you figure it out. 😀

4. Importing Theme Demo Content

One Click Demo Install

(If your theme does not offer one-click demo install, please skip to the next step.)

Note that the process can differ on every theme but generally follows similar guidelines. We’ll use the Highend Multipurpose WordPress theme for this demo because it features one-click demo imports from the theme dashboard. 

  • Within the WordPress Dashboard, find and click on the Highend tab (in the left-side menu). 
  • Select ‘Import Demos.’
  • Browse available demos and click ‘Import Demo’ on the one you want to import. 
  • Import and install the required plugins suggested by the theme. You may also need to activate the plugins depending on the theme.
  • Import all suggested demo content. If you are an advanced user you may wish to customize what content is imported.
  • Wait for demo content to install as this may take some time. Please note: If the import process times out, please retry.
  • If the import has successfully installed you may close the import window to return to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click the home link in the WordPress dashboard to preview your website and verify demo content was successfully installed. (Note: If you have chosen a theme with multiple demos you can change your selection by going through the demo import process again.)
  • To start editing your site content and theme settings you will want to use the options in the WordPress menus located to the left. 

Then, as simple as that, you’ll have the full demo design installed on your website, ready for you to customize and replace the content with your own.

Note: The theme you have chosen may not include a one-click demo import feature. No big deal! There is an option to manually import demo content.  

Manually Import Demo Content

Okay, so this method is still easy. In the end, doing a little legwork here saves you a ton of time in designing your own site because you get to leverage the demo.

For this tutorial, I’m going to use the Jayo minimal portfolio WordPress theme, which offers a manual demo import. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Once your theme is installed and active, click Tools and Import.
Find the import function from the tools menu to start importing your theme demo manually.
  • Next, locate the WordPress Importer to the right. If not already installed, click Install, and wait for it to finish.
Located the WordPress importer tool to the right. You may need to install it first, which will take just a second.
  • When you’re ready, click Run Importer. This will open up a page that allows you to upload a demo file.
After clicking run importer, you will be prompted to upload a demo file.
  • Now, you need to locate the demo file for your theme, usually in your theme documentation or the developer’s website, and download it. 

The documentation shows me the process, and directs me to a specific file in the theme folder. The theme folder is the full package of files you received when you purchased your theme. You’ll need to find that folder first, and locate the file (in this case jayo-demo.xml).

Or, if you bought your theme through MOJO, simply log in to your account, access your purchases, click the download button, and choose Demo Data.

The MOJO Marketplace Account Dashboard makes it easy to download all your theme and demo files.

5. Navigate back to the importer, as described above, and upload the file as shown. 

5. Need some extra help?

Your first WordPress site build will come with a lot of questions. If you want to fast track the learning curve, consider trying WP Live.

WP Live gives you access to WordPress experts via chat, email, and over the phone, starting at $29/month. When you get stuck, give us a call at 855-464-5345.

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