Installing Your WordPress Theme

How Do I Install My Theme?

If you are looking to install your theme yourself this will give you some guidance on getting those theme files. When in your Marketplace account you will want to go to the My Purchases tab on the left-hand side.




Once there you will scroll down to your theme purchase. You will then have two options, you can either download the files yourself and continue with the install, or you can sign up to have a professional do it for you.


How Do I Sign Up for a Professional to Install My Theme For Me?


Having one of our in-house WordPress professionals is a great route to go for getting your website set up. We have multiple options for helping you build your site, we usually recommend getting a package that will include everything necessary to get you started. For professional advice on what package is right for you, please reach out to us at (855)464-5345.




How Do I Install My WordPress Theme Myself?


This will be an overview of how to download the correct files in order to install your theme. First, you will navigate to your purchases tab like explained above. Instead of clicking the install button, you will instead click the download arrow directly to the right.




You will then download the “Help Files” and the “Main File” the help files will contain documentation that will provide specific detailed instructions for installing your theme.




For an in-depth tutorial, please read over our amazing blog here: How to Install a WordPress Theme Yourself

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