MOJO-Themes has moved to MOJO Marketplace

Hello Mojo Themes Customer! The banner wasn’t lyin’, We’re moving.  All that premium theme goodness you’ve grown accustomed to will now reside at MOJO Marketplace.

We announced the launch of MOJO Marketplace back in 2013. While we’re very proud of what MOJO Marketplace has become, it’s with a heavy heart we must close the doors over at Mojo Themes.

We expect this to be a several month process as we determine the best way to migrate accounts. Mojo Themes will remain in place until mid-2017.

In the meantime, we highly recommend you make your theme purchases with instead of The marketplace is built on stable platform representative of 2016 coding standards and offers a much better experience for users. Since launching the marketplace in 2013, we haven’t always been able to prioritize the updating and maintenance of Bugs and minor annoyances may be present.

On the other hand, MOJO Marketplace offers you not only themes, but plugins, logos & graphics, and professional services, in a stable and reliable environment.

The MOJO Marketplace Experience

The main improvement MOJO Marketplace offers is a full set of products meant to help you get online, instead of just themes. Our focus is helping you build, brand and grow your website. At MOJO Marketplace you can…

1. Choose a the platform that’s best for your website. We offer over 70 top platforms including WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, ZenPhoto, PrestaShop and many more. MOJO Marketplace can help install the platforms right on to your existing domain.

2. Build your website to your needs. Like MOJO Themes, MOJO Marketplace has hundreds of premium themes and templates for you to choose from to get a great looking website. On top of the themes and templates, we also have a sleek selection of logos and graphics available to help create a unique brand that will stand out in a sea of competition.

3. Brand your business with all of the add-ons and plugins that we offer. You’ve got to optimize your traffic and get the most from your business and we can help. We’ve got lots of tools and solutions to help take your website and business to the next level.

4. Grow by utilizing MOJO Professional Services to expedite many common small business website tasks. We even offer marketing services to help your site rank, find the right customers, and expand your social media presence.

Need live WordPress Support? We got you covered. WP Live WordPress experts are available from 9am - 5pm MT, Monday - Friday – starting at only $29 / month. 

Now that you know more about the MOJO Marketplace, come on over! There’s plenty of room. Come check out all of the many platforms, themes, graphics, plugins and professional services and take your website and business to the next level.

If you have themes that you need to get to make sure you write to us or call us and let us know you need your themes. Create an account at and let us know the username. Once that has been done we will add as many themes that remain on the marketplace into your new account. 

If you have any other questions you can reach us by calling us toll free at 855-464-5345, we are available Monday-Friday 8:30-5pm MST Time. 

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