MOJO Marketplace Affiliate Program

Affiliate offers are great ways to monetize your site, but not all affiliate programs are created equal.

At MOJO Marketplace, we know that there are endless amounts of affiliate programs all vying for your traffic, which is why we set out – and remain dedicated to – creating the most competitive affiliate program in the web services industry. Check out our payouts, policies, and affiliate bonuses, and let’s start working together!


At MOJO Marketplace, our affiliate commissions and payouts are product specific. We do this to make it possible for you to pick and choose which products/services your subscribers would be most interested in and it makes it easy for you to promote MOJO alongside other web services and brand offers. Check it out:


Payment Dates. MOJO affiliates are paid out on the 15th of every month for the traffic and sales that occurred in the previous month (i.e. Paid on February 15 for all sales in January). Due to payment and processing fees, the affiliate commission balance must be over $50 to be paid. Otherwise, the balance simply rolls over to the next month.

Affiliate Bonuses

Affiliate referral bonus. You know you’re well-connected and we do too! Why not get paid for referring other affiliates!? MOJO will deposit $50 in your account when a new affiliate activates their own affiliate account via your affiliate link and ID, then drives traffic and revenue.



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