What is the MOJO refund policy?

We at MOJO Marketplace are determined to ensure you have a positive experience, acquire the correct products and services to accomplish what you're setting out to do, and ultimately achieve your goals online.

If you're concerned you've made a mistake, or are having difficulties figuring out what to do next, please discuss with one of our knowledgeable Website Consultants at: 855-464-5345

Here are our refund policies:

Digital Goods

(Themes, plugins, logos)

A majority of items purchased from MOJO Marketplace are non-tangible, digital goods and because of the nature of the product there are very few instances where a refund is given. If you have purchased an item and you feel it is not functioning as advertised, please send us a support ticket and explain the issue in detail. Please be sure to send your account details along with the item name you purchased. We will have a review process to determine if the item is not delivered as promised, additionally, if the item is not working, functioning or is corrupt, it will either be fixed, exchanged, or a refund will be given. If the item has not been set up properly by following the help file, refunds will be subject to the MOJO staff’s discretion. Any purchase older than 90 days will not be eligible for dispute.

If you're having troubles getting your item to function properly, you can ask for help from the seller directly. You can do this by going to the item page on the marketplace and clicking the "Support Forum" tab found under the preview image. We do ask that you provide them with 48 hours to respond due to a possible time difference.

Professional Services

Each service is done by a member of the MOJO staff and takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to complete, depending on the service purchased. The expected turn around time will be shown upon purchase. If your service has not been started, refunds will be considered. If the service you purchase has already been completed, refunds cannot be issued. Are you worried the service you purchased might not meet your needs? Feel free to discuss with a website consultant here: 855-464-5345


Credits are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire 5 years after being issued


Bundles are non-refundable. Support is included for 1 year from the date of purchase.

WP Live

By starting your WP Live Support subscription and providing or designating a Payment Method, you authorize us to charge you a monthly membership fee at the then current rate. The membership fee for our service will be billed at the beginning of the paying portion of your membership and each month thereafter unless and until you cancel your membership. We automatically bill your Payment Method each month on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your paying membership.

PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR PARTIALLY USED PERIODS. Following any cancellation, however, you will not have access to WP Live support. We may provide a refund, discount, or other consideration to some members. The amount and form of such credits, and the decision to provide them, are at our sole and absolute discretion. The provision of credits in one instance does not entitle you to credits in the future for similar instances, nor does it obligate us to provide credits in the future, under any circumstance.



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