How can I get support for the item I purchased?

How can I get support for the item I purchased?

There are a couple of options for getting support. The recommended option is to sign up for WP Live and you can then get over the phone support instantly from a WordPress expert on-demand during hours that work for you. To find out more information you can visit here:

Support from the Seller

You can also get support directly from the theme author. There are two methods of contacting the theme author.

First, you can navigate to the page where you bought the theme and there is a tab called support forum, you can submit questions from within there, or you can search to see if your question has already been answered.getsupport.PNG


You can also send the seller a message directly (with select themes). On that same page, you will look on the right-hand side under the about the seller section, the seller's name is highlighted in green and is clickable. Click that name and it will navigate you to the seller's page where you can send a message directly to them.



Note: please allow the seller 24-48 hours to respond to your message. If they do not reach back out within 48 hours, please call support at (855)464-5345.

Also, theme authors can provide support for questions related directly to the theme, if you need general WordPress support or have questions not related the theme the theme author may not be able to provide answers to your questions. You can reach out to support at (855)464-5345 and we can further discuss your options if you have questions.

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