How long does my service take to be completed?


So you're wanting to make your site look awesome and waiting for us to help! What happens next?


What is the average turn around time?


    Most Services offered through MOJO take anywhere from 3-5 Business days.               However, most services take less than 48 hours weekdays. 

    All services are given an approximate time frame on the service page.

    (eg. Expected Turn Around Time? 3 Business Days.)


What can you do to speed the service up?

• Make sure you check your messages or email linked to your account at MOJO.     Your service provider may be waiting for a response to get to the next step. 

• Make sure you have clicked "Start Service" button in your my Purchases             Section. This is very common. Unless the provider has credentials, they can't get started! Click the Green button here: Start Service


Already tried that?

If you have already tried the suggestions above, please contact your service provider using the service messages here: Messages


Please allow your provider the allotted time frame to complete your service to make any support requests for the setup to be completed. 


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