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Our site does offer free upgrades and support on FULL price items. This deal is very different than our day to day sales. The bundle is over a $590 value for the cost of less than one theme ($29). Each theme is very new on our marketplace. We can assure they are up to date. This is where the "as is" comes from. We will let you know now that if you download the item later you will have the most current version available. However support will not be covered. This was stated on the checkout page of the bundle(s). Each item comes with detailed instructions from the coder. It will often be called documentation or help file. Open the index.HTML file by right clicking and opening in your browser.


If you have purchased the Support that we now offer with the bundle for an additional price, you simply need to ask the author of the theme on the item page. All item-specific support happens on the actual item page. Under the preview image you’ll find a tab labeled “Support” or “Support Forum”. Click this tab and leave your inquiry for the seller. Please allow the seller 48 hours to respond as some sellers are international and not on US time.

You can also find step by step instructions from the seller on how to set your theme up. This is often called index.html in the help files that come with the theme. 


We wish you good luck and happy developing!


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