How Do I Login to

How do I login to my Mojo account?


First you need to determine if you have to log in through your Mojo account or your hosting account, if you have a Mojo account it is very straightforward.

Then you will go to and locate the Login/Sign Up button in the top right corner


Then enter your Email address and password and click sign in


Logging in with hosting account:

If you need to log in through your host (i.e Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, iPower, etc.) follow these instructions:

First you will go to and locate the Login/Sign Up button in the top right corner.


Then, instead of putting in a username and password in the regular area, you will look underneath and click the Sign in using hosting account option like shown:


It will then direct you to another page where you will have a drop-down menu, from that menu you will want to select your hosting provider.


It will then pop up another window that will ask for your hosting credentials. Enter your hosting login and it will then redirect you back to Mojo and you will see you are logged into your account.


Note: if you don’t get the hosting page to pop-up, ensure that you don’t have pop-ups blocked and that you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


If you get just a small white bar, just refresh the page and try again.


If you need more help than is provided above, feel free to give us a call at (855)464-5345.

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