How to pick a theme?

You may be thinking about giving your website a makeover or possibly building a new site. With plenty of Free and Premium WordPress templates to choose from it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you.

 Don’t’ worry, we have you covered!

 How do you know you are picking the right WordPress Theme? We’ve gathered some tips to make sure you download a theme.

Let’s start with the basics.

You need something responsive, engaging, and easy to use.

There are some considerations to keep in mind, let’s go through them now.


Before you settle on a design for your WordPress site, you need to know your theme is going to work well with Gutenberg. This block based content editor will allow you to change around content without using custom code. MOJO Marketplace is dedicated to having themes that integrate well with Gutenberg, so you can rest assured that you will find something great on the Marketplace.

WordPress Updates

We always recommend checking the item page to be sure the theme you are looking to purchase is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Click on the changelog tab to view the latest theme updates, this will also give you insight on whether the theme Seller is supporting the theme on a regular basis.

Mobile Responsive

Be sure your theme is compatible with all different web browsers, adjusts to all types of screen sizes and is responsive with a wide range of devices. You may want to consider testing the theme’s live demo to be sure it responds by shrinking and enlarging to your web browser.

Site Speed

We all know what happens when a page isn’t loading fast enough, we hit the back button and everything freezes. If your site isn’t loading quickly you could be turning customers off and creating a bad customer experience. Hosting can attribute to this but so can the size of your theme. Ask yourself if the theme you have chosen is bloated with unnecessary code.


Theme support is crucial. Read reviews and do some research on the theme Seller. There will be times you run into question or issues with your theme and you will want to be sure someone is their to help answer your questions.

Need a developer to set up your website? MOJO Marketplace offers WP Live, a fast expert support service that can help you setup and maintain your website.

Choose Wisely

Picking a WordPress theme is not just about looks, it needs to work for you. Consider looking for a theme that comes with a One Click demo import to make for an easy theme installation and setup.

Think about the future and what you want out of your website, maybe you only need a blog for the time being but at some point you may want to open a storefront. Things change so keep that in mind. Weigh your options between a niche theme or a multipurpose theme, which one is going to serve your needs now and in a year from now.

Study up on the different types of page builders and the options they offer, these can be super helpful but can also slow down your theme.

Last but not least, don’t forget to make sure your theme is responsive! Happy Developing!


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